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Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

The staff members of Scott & Barbieri Family Funeral Homes will guide your family in creating a meaningful ceremony to honor the life and memory of a loved one. A ceremony can be anything you wish it to be: simple or elaborate, traditional or unique. No matter how it's tailored, such a ceremony is an important step in recovering from loss.

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  • Dear all the wonderful people at Tebbutt Funeral Home, The Deffigos family would like to thank all of the staff at your Funeral Home. Thank you for all the support and warmth you gave us during our dad's transition into Heaven. Your guidance, education and professional insight into this sensitive time in peoples' lives was superior. Every "T" was crossed and "I" dotted. My Dad would have loved the entire "event". The Freedom Riders were the "cherry" on the sundae. He would have been so proud. Thank you again, The Deffigos Family
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    Tebbutt Funeral Home, September 01, 2018

  • I want to send special thanks for Michael May, whose kind and helpful assistance made this very difficult period less stressful for family. He led us through the planning process, listening to our wishes and providing information and suggestions. Once the services were planned, he kept in contact with me and our daughter, Jen, over the next few days, making sure everything was okay, and on the day of the services, from the time we arrived Mike was there for us. Thank you so much for all you did. We were also grateful that Rev. Califano was available to lead us in prayer and provide words of comfort. Many friends and relatives told me how meaningful they felt that was. Sincerely, Deb H.
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    Griswold Funeal Home,

  • Alicia & Mike, Thank you for all your help getting us through a very difficult time in our lives. Sincerely, Sue T., Lynn S,. Bill O., Mike O., and Rob T.
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    Light's Funeal Home, July 01, 2018

  • Dear Cassidy & Mike, Thank you bother for your understanding, patience and kindness throughout the planning of my mother's burial. You deal with this all the time and still, you haven't lost a heart when you deal with people, like me, who just are at a loss at times. I never could have done it without the both of you. I'm at peace now and have no regrets on any level. It was my pleasure meeting you both. Linda & Tom C.
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    Griswold Funeral Home, July 01, 2018

  • Dear Alicia, Your insight and compassion truly made the process less overwhelming. No questions was left unanswered. For that reason, you have my utmost respect and appreciation for all that you did for myself and my family during this difficult time. Thank you kindly! Sincerely, Marg M.
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    Light's Funeral Home, February 05, 2018

  • Dear Mike, Just saying thank you isn't enough for everything you did to make my life less stressful, at this most difficult time. I do so appreciate everything you did for me and my family. You are truly a wonderful man and I am so glad we had chosen your funeral home to take such good care of my husband. Thank you, Margaret O.
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    Griswold Funeral Home,

  • Dear Peter, Just wanted to thank you for all your help in the difficult time of my Dad, Lester DeVarnne, passing. You did a wonderful job and everything went smoothly. Again, Thank you. Ann S.
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    Light's Funeral Home,

  • Dear Mike, Leah and Cassidy, Once again, we truly appreciate the time, effort & attention you gave to us and our mom during our time of need and especially during the busy holiday. You all have that great gift to make an unpleasant event more tolerable, even entertaining. Please know how special you all are and how much we enjoy your assistance. We're thinking of sending one of our sisters to Cassidy for one of her "make overs"! You guys have the patience of Saints, thank God! We hope you all enjoy a very Merry Christmas & healthy, happy 2018! Blessings, Charlene, Bill, Lisa, Denise & Kimberlee.
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    The White Funeral Home, December 04, 2017

  • "Tom, We would like to thank you for taking such excellent care of our mom from the time we first met you at Riverside to her final resting place at Our Lady of Angels. You made this difficult time in our lives less stressful and we appreciate you taking care of and handling all that you did - you were a big help. Her viewing was beautiful. She looked great. We loved her casket and we know she did too! We feel we made her happy and she would have approved. All the flowers were beautiful and we loved the special touches (allowing her '4th' child Tyrone to see her.) Thanks again! Tina B., Erin J and Sean E.
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    Zwack & Sons, November 23, 2016

  • "Tom, Words cannot express our appreciation for all that was done for our daughter's funeral. Your professionalism and graciousness were outstanding and we will never forget it." Sincerely, Biju and Jalaja T.
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    Tebbutt & Frederick Memorial Home, August 02, 2016

  • "Dear Leah, There are no words to express my appreciation for your 'being there' every minute. Your presence was very comforting and reassuring that everything would go according to plan." Phyllis J.
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    Frederick Funeral Home, July 21, 2016

  • "Leah- Thank you very much for what you have done for our family, particularly my mother. You are a beautiful person inside and out." Christopher J.
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    Frederick Funeral Home, July 21, 2016

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